Disabling useless Logs on an ASA

While reviewing the ASA logs in relation to a large wireless metering project in WA, i came across a number of log entries that were just there (hundreds of thousands of them), so here’s how to disable them: %ASA-6-302013: Built inbound TCP connection…… %ASA-6-302013: Built inbound TCP connection….. %ASA-6-302015: Built outbound UDP connection….. %ASA-6-302014: TeardownContinue reading “Disabling useless Logs on an ASA”

AVC Deployment Guide

http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/support/docs/wireless/5500-series-wireless-controllers/115756-avc-guide-00.html AVC provides application-aware control on a wireless network and enhances manageability and productivity. AVC is already supported on ASR and ISR G2 platforms. The support of AVC embedded within the WLAN infrastructure extends as this as an end-to-end solution, which gives a complete visibility of applications in the network and allows the administrator toContinue reading “AVC Deployment Guide”

Rouge Management in a Unified Wireless Network

A useful read around Cisco APs and Rouge Management. Wireless networks extend wired networks and increase worker productivity and access to information. However, an unauthorized wireless network presents an additional layer of security concern. Less thought is put into port security on wired networks, and wireless networks are an easy extension to wired networks. ClickContinue reading “Rouge Management in a Unified Wireless Network”

Wireless – Controller Discovery Process

In a CAPWAP environment, a lightweight access point discovers a controller by using CAPWAP discovery mechanisms and then sends it a CAPWAP join request. The controller sends the access point a CAPWAP join response allowing the access point to join the controller. When the access point joins the controller, the controller manages its configuration, firmware,Continue reading “Wireless – Controller Discovery Process”

iSCSI Configuration

I recently worked at a client site and found it difficult to explain the various configuations for iSCSI so i have detialed them here: Dedicated hardware for the Storage and Server connected devices keeping normal Network traffic separate from Storage network traffic due to their differing characteristics. Segmentation – iSCSI should reside in its ownContinue reading “iSCSI Configuration”