Those Useful Commands

A short listing of handy commands used on a regular basis:

#show ip interface brief

Shows status of the interfaces on the device, including up/down and ip information.

#show ip protocol summary

Will show you all the routing protocols running on the router

#show log

Will display the configured log settings and buffered log messages

#show interfaces status

Shows Port, Status, VLAN, Duplex, Speed and Type for all interfaces.

#show interfaces summary

Live traffic stats on the interfaces.

#show ip arp

Displays the IP to MAC Address resolution for all the IP’s on the device, and from the interfaces it was learned.

#show mac address-table

Shows the MAC  table entry and interface it is being seen on.

#show policy-map [interface]

Displays the QoS Policy information

#show interfaces link

Will display how long the interface has been disconnected

#show version

Displays information about the device. It gives you details such as; IOS version, System Uptime, Image filename, Type of Processor, Amount of RAM, Number of Ports, Flash Memory, MAC Address and Serial Number

#show clock

Displays the clock status

#show version | include uptime

Shows the uptime of the device

#show processes cpu

Displays the CPU utilisation stats

#show processes cpu history

Displays a one minute output, and so on……

#show history

Lists the commands the user has entered in the session

#show inventory

Displays all the inventory information about the device

#show line

Lines connected on the router’s physical ports, such as serial connected.

#show cdp neighbour

Shows the directly connected devices with local and remote interfaces, via Cisco’s Discovery Protocol

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