QoS – Cisco, Riverbed & Polycom

After many hours trying to sort this one out it would appear that a Riverbed Steelhead can’t easily optimise VC Traffic, as this traffic is already optimised by the Polycom device itself.  Sorry, that’s not to say I can’t, but i’d rather not enable the QoS on the Steelhead to solve this problem.

The environment:

H.323 protocol matched in the VC Class of traffic, in this case af41 (34). Packets tagged, no packets being dropped

Running 6CoS on Telstra Links (GWIP) which is really just IPMAN.

Host specific (/32) in-path optimisation rules on the Steelheads to ensure traffic to and from the VC units is bypassed.

Under normal circumstances traffic is passed through the Steelhead and the the size of packet increases, as riverbed encapsulates video packets, so i have decided to bypass video traffic on the steelhead, so that the encapsulation and other overheads can be avoided.

Fingers crossed….but i’m pretty happy it will work!

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