Configuring a Remote-Site Router – GSM Specific

A quick guide to setting up a GSM on a ISR using EHWIC-3G-HSPA+7.  You must get the data service account from you service provider, in turn you will receive a SIM card that you can install on to the EHWIC and an APN (Access Point Name) required to create a profile.

Insert the SIM card into the EHWIC, insert in the router and power up the device.

Chat scripts are strings fo text used to send commands for modems dialing to log in to remote systems, and to initialise asynchronous devices connected to an asynchronous line. 3G Wan interface should be treated just like any other async interface and the following chat script show the required information to connect to the GSM network, using a carrier-specific dial string and timeout value of 30 seconds.

Step 1: Create a chat script

chat-script [script-name] [script]


chat-script GSM “” “AT!SCACT=1,1” TIMEOUT 30 “OK”

Step 2: Apply the chat script to the asynchronous line

line [Cellular-Interface-Number]

script dialer [Script-Name]


line 0/1/0

script dialer GSM

Next, we create a GSM profile.

Step 3: From enable mode, use the profile to identify the username and password provided to you by your service provider. Use the cellular interface identifier and keyword GSM.

cellular [Cellular-Interface] gsm profile create [Sequence-Number] [AP-Name]

Tech Tip – This step should be created from enable mode and not conf mode.


cellular 0/1/0 gsm profile create 1 telstra.corp

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