More BGP next-hop-self

From the below you can see the next hop for network is which is outsite of 65000 AS, and router jazz doesn’t have a route to it.  BGP will not put into routing table because it doesn’t know how to reach next hop, you can see this below:

BGP-Next Hp Self 2

BGP-Next Hp Self 3

BGP-Next Hp Self 4

By adding the next-hop-self command on the router owen it will change the next-hop attribute for external networks that will be advertised to the router Jazz:

owen(config-router)#neighbour next-hop-self

BGP-Next Hp Self 4.5

This changes the next hop attribute from to be on the router owen

BGP-Next Hp Self 5

from Jazz you can now ping ( on Jules.

BGP-Next Hp Self 6

Job done!

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