Prime Infrastructure – Backup/Restore

Project ‘Upgrade Cisco Prime’, requires i backup the Database using the below commands.

Cisco Prime Infrastructure 2.2 Admin Guide

Step 1  Open a CLI session with the Prime Infrastructure server (see Connecting Via CLI).

Step 2  Enter configuration mode:

PIServer/admin# configure terminal

Step 3  Configure a symbolic link to the remote FTP server:

PIServer/admin(config)# repository repositoryName

PIServer/admin(config-Repository)# url ftp:// RemoteServerIP (needs to be an IP address)

PIServer/admin(config-Repository)# user userName password plain userPassword

PIServer/admin(config-Repository)# exit

PIServer/admin(config)# exit


  • repositoryName is the name of the repository (for example: MyRepo or PrimeInfrastructure).
  • RemoteServerIP is the IP address of the FTP server hosting the shared backup folder.
  • userName is the name of a user with write privileges to the repository on the FTP server.
  • userPassword is the corresponding password for that user.

Step 4  Verify creation of the symbolic link:

PIServer/admin# show repository repositoryName

Step 5  When taking backups at the command line, specify the new remote FTP repository as the repository name in the backup command. For example:

PIServer/admin# backup MyBackupFileName repository MyRepo application NCS

If you want to perform backups automatically, select the repository name you created as the repository name in the Prime Infrastructure web interface.

Maintaining Prime Infrastructure Server Health

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