Cisco ISR C1111-8PLTE Basic Config

The below configuration will allow basic internet connectivity with focus on the magic sauce being the APN configuration. Where we have two options, those being:

Telstra Direct Internet:

cellular 0/2/0 lte profile create 1 telstra.internet

Telstra Corp Access: (requires a user to be setup in IPSS for Radius Auth) An /32 IP assigned and framed route that will be injected into BGP for consumption.

cellular 0/2/0 lte profile create 1 telstra.corp chap %password%

interface Cellular0/2/0
ip address negotiated
ip nat outside  
<< ONLY required on direct internet (telstra.internet)
dialer in-band
dialer idle-timeout 0
dialer-group 1
ipv6 enable
pulse-time 1
interface Cellular0/2/1
no ip address
interface Vlan1
no ip address
interface Vlan10  
<<  Can be an SVi or Physical interface
ip address
ip nat inside   
<<  ONLY required if NAT is being used on direct internet
ip nat inside source list 1 interface Cellular0/2/0 overload
ip route Cellular0/2/0

!access-list 1 permit any
dialer-list 1 protocol ip permit