AutoGPT is like ChatGPT on steroids.

Quick setup guide. First we start by setting up the environment

Setup Git

Install Python

Get Docker Desktop

Get and OpenAI API Key

Next we Clone the Repo

Run the following once the above has been carried out.

cmd > git clone

Navigate into the Auto-GPT directory

cmd > cd Auto-GPT

Edit the .env.template file and insert your OpenAI API Key variable into line no. 3

Save the modified file as .env

Install Python libraries

cmd > pip install – requirements.txt

Start the Docker

After Docker is installed run the following command to start Docker

cmd > docker run -d -p 80:80 docker/getting-started

you should see something like this (I’m running this test version on Windows)

Here’s where the fun starts:

Run python scripts/ and follow the terminal prompts. (%Path%/Auto-GPT/scripts/

You can choose between a fully autonomous continuous mode or manual approval of each action.

For continuous mode, run this: cmd > python scripts/ –continuous

(If that’s all too hard, use this Browser based version and supply your own API key ;))


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