Handy NetFlow Commands

show ip flow interface displays the NetFlow configuration for an interface show ip cache flow Verify that Netflow is operational and display summary of NetFlow statistics. show ip cache verbose flow Used to verify that NetFlow is operational and to display the detailed summary of NetFlow statistics. show ip flow export Use this command to displayContinue reading “Handy NetFlow Commands”

Point-to-Multipoint on 2.4GHz

Reverting back to a 2.4GHz design proved to be the best solution, and I was able to verify that the Cisco-1532E AP’s suffer with a bug, in that when you enable sntp, after the device has been primed for use with 5GHz, it reverts back to it’s -UX domain. 😬 The outcome was great asContinue reading “Point-to-Multipoint on 2.4GHz”

Flow Control

Flow control is a feature defined in the IEEE 802.3x specification, enabling a receiving device to signal congestion to a sending device, which allows for the sending device to temporarily halt transmission, alleviating congestion at the receiving device Flow control— Some Fast Ethernet devices support flow control, where devices can send pause frames, which instructContinue reading “Flow Control”