When to FlexConnect

Good summary of FlexConnect, nice and simple to understand.

WLAN Lessons Learned

This week I’m having talks with a client regarding wireless at his remote sites. As they are currently having autonomous access points on all these sites they are looking to change to controller based access points and are starting to ask questions like ‘Do I need a WLC on each site?’, ‘How many AP’s can I have on a remote site connecting back to a central WLC’ and ‘What happens when the WAN-link goes down?’. Hopefully the answers can be found in this post.


FlexConnect is a wireless solution for branch office and remote office deployments. From a central Wireless LAN Controller (WLC), hopefully in your Data Centre with a redundant WLC not too far away, you can configure, control and manage access points in a branch or remote office. No need for a WLC in each office.

Switching Modes 

There are two switching modes supported by FlexConnect AP’s:

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