POP vs IMAP – Just for Nicki

Some email software requires you to choose between POP/POP3 and IMAP protocol settings. As a rule of thumb, you should always choose IMAP if you’re planning to set up your email address on multiple devices (e.g. home computer, iPad and a smartphone). This ensures that all of your devices will get a copy of every email you receive. AContinue reading “POP vs IMAP – Just for Nicki”

iMac 27″ Repair Guides

Over the weekend i was forced to replace the old 7200 rpm 1Tb HDD on the Mac.  My first thoughts were, where do I start ?  After doing a little research it all came down to suction cups; required to remove the front glass cover, as it’s held on with magnets (what the…but a slick design).  Once that wasContinue reading “iMac 27″ Repair Guides”