Prime Infrastructure – the saga………

OK, this wasn’t quite as simple as i would have first thought but I got there in the end.

The version of Prime I was initially running was and had to be upgraded before I could do a backup that would be compatible with 2.2.

I upgraded >> version 2.1 by downloading PI-Upgrade- from (from the below location)


Once downloaded I dropped the file onto my FTP Server.  This can be viewed from the PI Server by running the show repository ftpserver

First stop NCS by running ncs stop then run the following command:

application upgrade PI-Upgrade- ftpserver

This takes a while and at the end you will recieve a message ‘Application upgrade successful’, then you can restart NCS – ncs start

Once complete you can then backup your PI Server (using the Backup/Restore procedure) including configuration but most importantly all your historical data.

Then you can restore the PI-Backup to your new 2.2 instance of Prime 🙂 using the following command:

restore PIBackup-xxxxxx-xxxx.tar.gpg repository ftpserver application NCS

……..2hr:44m’s later she’s alive.

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