Configuring vWAAS

Once the VM (.ova) file has been deployed (version Cisco vWAAS-750-5.4.1-b34.ova in this case) on to the UCS-E Server.  We can configure the vWAAS settings.  You can do this either by running through the ‘setup’ command, or use the values from below.

From the vCentre client, choose the console tab and log in to the vWAAS Console.  The default is userid and password are admin/default.

IP and Netmask
vWAAS(config)# interface virtual 1/0
vWAAS(config-if)# ip address
vWAAS(config-if)# exit
Default gateway using the ip command:
vWAAS(config)# ip default-gateway
vWAAS(config)# ip primary-interface virtual 1/0
Ping the IP addresses of the default gateway and Central Manager to verify they can be reached before continuing to the next step then add the Enterprise license using the license command:
vWAAS# license add Enterprise
Add the Central Manager address using the central-manager command:
vWAAS(config)# central-manager address 172.22.x.x
Enable CMS to register with the Central Manager using the cms command:
vWAAS(config)# cms enable
Once registered with the CM, then your device will appear in the console under devices.
The versions will need to be the same.

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