Advertising a default route in BGP

There are four ways to distribute a default route in BGP. Three of them, the network, the default-information originate and redistribution from another routing protocol, are all similar in the resulting effect: they will inject the default route into BGP RIB and it will be advertised to all BGP neighbors. The difference is inContinue reading “Advertising a default route in BGP”

Security insight: Cracking WPA2 and fun with Meterpreter

So my wife wasn’t well for most of the weekend and the kids are busy doing their stuff.¬† So I got some time to play around ūüôā on my home lab. – so here’s the thing: It took me less than 5 mins to obtain a WPA2 handshake and less than 5 seconds to bruteContinue reading “Security insight: Cracking WPA2 and fun with Meterpreter”

Creating a SPAN session on a Nexus 9K

Create SPAN session ================================= 9kswitch# conf t 9kswitch(config)# monitor session 1 Configure destination port (destination cannot be a FEX port or a Port-channel!) ================================= 9kswitch# conf t 9kswitch(config)# interface eth 1/15 9kswitch(config-if)# switchport monitor 9kswitch(config-if)# exit 9kswitch(config)# monitor session 1 9kswitch(config-monitor)# destination interface eth 1/15 Configure source port (or VLAN) ================================= 9kswitch(config-monitor)# source interface ethContinue reading “Creating a SPAN session on a Nexus 9K”

UCS-E160D-M2 Configuraiton

Basically there’s two options that i like to use when connecting to Cisco’s Integrated Management Console (CIMC). ¬†Via the¬†router connected to an address within the allocated subnet. ¬†Although using this method you must¬†add the host specific route to the ucse4/0 interface to provide access to the UCS-E module. interface ucse4/0 description UCS-E Series CIMC LinkContinue reading “UCS-E160D-M2 Configuraiton”