Cisco ACI Fabric Forwarding summary

Here’s a great summary of the ACI packet flow in conjunction with Spine and Leaf, a good watch if you have played with any of this technology, in any way. Thank you Lilian Quan. Very helpful 🙂 ….and another good explanation, depending on the sex of your packet.  

Creating a SPAN session on a Nexus 9K

Create SPAN session ================================= 9kswitch# conf t 9kswitch(config)# monitor session 1 Configure destination port (destination cannot be a FEX port or a Port-channel!) ================================= 9kswitch# conf t 9kswitch(config)# interface eth 1/15 9kswitch(config-if)# switchport monitor 9kswitch(config-if)# exit 9kswitch(config)# monitor session 1 9kswitch(config-monitor)# destination interface eth 1/15 Configure source port (or VLAN) ================================= 9kswitch(config-monitor)# source interface ethContinue reading “Creating a SPAN session on a Nexus 9K”

VXLAN Packet Forwarding Flow

Some cut and paste info on how VXLAN works, more of a memory jogger and useful. VXLAN uses stateless tunnels between VTEPs to transmit traffic of the overlay Layer 2 network through the Layer 3 transport network. The below is an example of a VXLAN packet forwarding taken from the Cisco VXLAN configuration guide for Nexus 9000 NS-OX VXLAN OverviewContinue reading “VXLAN Packet Forwarding Flow”

Configuring VXLAN BGP EVPN

I’m looking forward to setting up a Nexus 9k Solution, L3 using VXLAN BGP EVPN Topology Dual DataCentre configuration. Aiming for a Live/Live Core between the two. Only caveat is we will stick to L2 supporting the Edge, for Internet and IPWAN connections using traditional technologies such as HSRP. VXLAN BGP EVPN…..Configuration guide