AutoGPT is like ChatGPT on steroids.

Quick setup guide. First we start by setting up the environment Setup Git – Install Python – Get Docker Desktop – Get and OpenAI API Key – Next we Clone the Repo Run the following once the above has been carried out. cmd > git clone Navigate into the Auto-GPT directoryContinue reading “AutoGPT is like ChatGPT on steroids.”

Cisco ISR C1111-8PLTE Basic Config

The below configuration will allow basic internet connectivity with focus on the magic sauce being the APN configuration. Where we have two options, those being: Telstra Direct Internet: cellular 0/2/0 lte profile create 1 telstra.internet Telstra Corp Access: (requires a user to be setup in IPSS for Radius Auth) An /32 IP assigned and framed routeContinue reading “Cisco ISR C1111-8PLTE Basic Config”

mRemoteNG Password Recovery

Just in case you need to extract those passwords from mRemoteNG.  Just use the External tools as per the below. Open mRemote and go to “Tools” > “External Tools” Right-click in the white space and choose “New External Tool” In the External Tools Properties, fill in a “Display Name”, “Filename” and some “arguments”. In thisContinue reading “mRemoteNG Password Recovery”

Advertising a default route in BGP

There are four ways to distribute a default route in BGP. Three of them, the network, the default-information originate and redistribution from another routing protocol, are all similar in the resulting effect: they will inject the default route into BGP RIB and it will be advertised to all BGP neighbors. The difference is inContinue reading “Advertising a default route in BGP”